Amir Haddad . supervision

Amir Haddad is a renowned director and drama teacher. His work, which is also internationally known, is aimed towards rescuing the sense of celebration in Theater and the dramatic aspects of the popular festivals. It has an emphasis on research and the educational aspects which are always present in his search for theater transformation.

With steadiness and perseverance he develops his work groups in a space where he is able to constantly question thoughts on the actor as an individual, space and drama. Amir is regarded as one of the main stage directors in Brazil and started in 1980 a new group called “Tá na Rua” , bringing the theater to open spaces such as streets and squares, emphasizing the importance of popular celebrations in the social and cultural lives of the cities. He also develops a great number of activities related to the Theater such as workshops, seminars and courses. His concern as a theater professional is to communicate and get even closer to his audience, from the stage to open spaces, breaking the ´fourth wall, with the intention of opening a path towards a living and transforming theater.

As a result of his investigation and research, he has developed the right tools for the construction of an actor who responds to the contemporary feelings, giving him the chance for a thorough and profound understanding of the human course and the dramatic art produced by the theater throughout times.

His latest works: Simplesmente eu, Clarice Lispector, by Beth Goulart, 2010; As Meninas de Luiz by Carlos Goes and Maitê Proença, 2009; A Alma Imoral by Clarice Niskier, 2006; Dar não Dói, o Que Dói é Resistir (group creation), 2004; O Mambembe by Artur Azevedo, 2004.