Soul Testimonials

Tais Conselheira

Clarice, what class. That’s all!
I went to watch you at the right time. Your text was balm not only for me, but for a father theologian-philosopher. It was his Father’s Day gift. We are here decanting all the beauties that you presented to us. Congratulations and long life!

24 / 08 / 2018

Leonardo Garcia

Missing words or left over words? In fact I don’t know. I rarely get this pleasurable restlessness. Tonight was phenomenal, how competent you are Clarice Niskier and what a spectacle. In spite of dealing with such antagonistic themes, his other piece “The List”, which I had the pleasure of attending, is complementary to my view. Congratulations, Congratulations Clarice, you were wonderful, and indeed “Immoral Soul” is fantastic. Among the many questions of the night, I choose one that has marked me a lot:
“How much of our efforts are offerings to nothingness?”

30 / 07 / 2018

Táis Araújo

I’ve seen The Immoral Soul, whatever, 10 years, maybe a little bit more,
I do not know, at Leblon Theater. And I remember the first time I saw, I saw 2 times,
I’ve seen two weeks in a row. Even to be able to understand what I had a day understood the first time. And then I saw that Clarice did last year again, I do not remember.
And I could not see it, and all those years when I happened here, and I saw that the piece was … Damn, I need to see this piece, so much happened in my life, I already have 2 children, actually one of my children will do 7 years, to know how those words hit me today, so many years later … And I can say that it was so strong as, and with other meanings. Which is the coolest thing in this text. It goes from recycling, according to its moment of life. And I think it’s a text that will stay forever.

24 / 07 / 2018

Maria Castro

“I fully agree with this testimony of Tais Araújo, with me it happened the same way!
  I saw it 10 years ago in São Paulo and last month I saw it again at the Life and Art Festival here in Fortaleza, Ceará. Shocking!!! Transformer! Confirm … Beautiful. Show forever !!! A kiss on the most beautiful Jewish Buddhist I know.”

07 / 24 / 2018

Carmen Falcon

“I watched in 2006, when I bought and read the book. I went again now in 2018. Every presentation and every reading we have a different look.Wonderful!”

28 / 05 / 2018