Clarice Niskier

Clarice Niskier debuted on Teatro Tablado in 1981, in Bertold Bretch’s piece, “Tambores da Noite”, directed by Dina Moscovitch, in Rio De Janeiro. After it, she was invited to participate in Mauro Rádice’s and Laidia Ravera’s piece “Porcos com Asas”, directed by Mario Sérgio Medeiros, interpretating her first protagonist, Cacilda Becker teather in 1982.

Worked at “Tem Folga na Direção” company, directed by Antônio Pedro in Martins Pena’s piece “Cabra Marcado Pra Correr”, (Judas em Sábado de Aleluia), and Brecht’s piece “Ta Ruço no Açougue” (Santa Joana dos Matadouros). Still on 80’s, worked with Grupo Pessoal do Despertar, on Parque Lage, acting in Brecht’s piece “O Círculo de Giz Caucasiano”, directed by Paulo Reis; worked with the awarded director of Grupo Navegando, Lucia Coelho, in many child pieces; with Bia Lessa in Dostoievsk’s piece “Os Possessos”, and with Amir Haddad, on “Faces, o Musical”.

In 90’s she acted in Nelson Rodrigues’s piece “Bonituinha, Mas Ordinária”, directed by Eduardo Wotzik, and then in “Confissões das Mulheres de Trinta”, collective text, directed by Domingos Olibeira. With these both directors she developed a long partnership. With Eduardo Wotzik she also did Federico Garcia Lorca’s piece “Yerma”, Eurípedes’s piece “Troia”, that erned her nominations for the Premio Shell and Mambebe for the best actress in 1993. With Eduardo, she also did her first monologue, and in “Confissões das Mulheres de Quarenta”, text written and idealized by herslef with dramaturgical guidance of Domingos Oliveira. She also acted in Aderbal Freire-Filho’s piece “Isabel”, and “Amores” and “Primeira Valsa”, both written by Domingos.

From 2000’s worked in Shelagh Stephenson’s piece “A Memória da Água”, directed by Felipe Hirsh; Eugène Labiche’s piece “O Caso da Rua ao Lado”, directed by Alberto Renault; “Antônio e Cleópatra”, of Shakespeare, directed by Paulo José; “Tudo Sobre Mulheres” of Miro Gavran, directed by Ticiana Studart, that earned her the second nomination to Premio Shell of the best actress in 2006, and in Nilton Bonder’s piece “A Alma Imoral”, her adaptation of the book “A Alma Imoral”, under the supervion of Amir Haddad, that debuted in Espaço Sesc-Copacabana in 2006. “A Alma Imoral” was nominated to many awards, including Premio Eletrobrás of best spectacle, best actress and best costume, and earned her the third nomination to the Premio Shell of best actress, winning this award in 2007. Clarice also won the Qualiade Brasil award of best actress – Drama SP in 2008, for acting on “A Alma Imoral”, that fulfilled season on Sao Paulo capital March 2008 to September 2011, also performing on provincial towns of Sao Paulo state. In 2009, “A Alma Imoral” was part of the programming of Virada Cultural of Sao Paulo city. “A Alma Imoral” continued in Rio and São Paulo in 2004.

Clarice Niskier acted in 2009 on “Maria Stuart”, on CCBB of Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, directed by Antonio Gilberto. While she acted in São Paulo on her awarded monologue “A Alma Imoral”, she represented Elizabeth Quenn, text of Schiller, on the side of Julia Lemmertz, that earned her a great article on Folha de S. Paulo, under the tittle “No dayoff, actress switches between throne and nudity”.

Clarice has yet on your curriculum a lot of participation on tv shows, as the character Alzira of the novel “Ciranda de Pedra”, of Alcides Nogueira, on TV GLOBO, directed by Denise Saraceni in 2009; and in 2011 a special participation on novel “Araguaia”, of Walther Negrão, also on TV GLOBO, interpreting the funny Irmã Dulce. Clarice did yet a special participation in one of episodes of “Macho Man” serie on TV Globo, interpreting a alternative physical therapist on the side of Marisa Orth and Jorge Fernando; and also on “As Brasileiras” serie, of Daniel Filho, on the side of the couple Malvino Salvador and Sophie Charlotte.

She participated of many movies, including “Amores” and “Feminices”, of Domingos Olibeira. And “A Viagem de Volta” directed by Emiliano Ribeiro.

Clarie Niskier also teaches theater courses, having in your curriculum clases for excutives from IBM (RJ) and (SP) and IBGE (RJ). The actress is often invited to talk in business events about your experience as actress and author of the adaptation of the piece “A Alma Imoral”. She write theatrical scripts for corporative events and perform readings of adapted scritps for theater of many authro’s books. She was collaborator of the Lola Magazine from Ed. Abril, and has publicated articles on IDE magazine, publications of the Sociedade Brasileira de PSicanálise de São Paulo. Clarice has a degree in journalism by P.U.C of Rio de Janeiro. Worked on Jornal do Brasil for two years and on Jornal Repórter also for two years while she made college. Studied at the Colégio Vicente de Paulo and at Escola Israelita Brasileira Eliezer Steinbarg.

The actress was full teacher of Curso de Formação de Atores da Univercidade (RJ), having being elected by the students to director class graduation piece, while she work there. On publicity, she performed the sucessful campaign “Dinorah da TVA”, an adversiting campaign of great sucess in 90’s that remained two years in the air in all tv channels, specially in Rio, and that received many awards in your category.

In 2011, Clarice Niskier directed the Licia Manzo’s piece “Aquela Outra”, with the actress Cristina Flores and Tania Costa; in 2012 and 2014 acted in Heloisa Seixas’s piece “O Lugar Escuro”, on the side of Camilla Amado, Laila Zaid and ISabella Dionísio. In 2013, co-directed with Maitê Proença and Amir Haddad the piece “À Beira do Abismo Me Cresceram Asas”, and continue in theaters with the piece “A Alma Imoral”.

In November 2014, she launched a new monologue “A Lista” of the canadian author Jennifer Tremblay in Teatro Eva Herz – SP.=, being nominated to Prêmio Shell of best actress – SP 2015.

In 2016 still in theaters the spetacle “A Alma Imoral” celebrating 10 years of sucess.
Besides it the actress is records for SBT the novel “Carinha de Anjo”.