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In an interdisciplinary world, The Immoral Soul shows that religion and biology, tradition and survival, continuity and mutation are intertwined. A new language is necessary to describe human nature in a world which rediscovers the body. The millenary concepts of body and soul are the very first records of a biological proposal, of the study of life and its laws. In a text evoking a comparison between preservation and evolution through tradition and treason, The Immoral Soul takes us to an Eden where the only commandments are to “multiply” and to “transgress”.

Human consciousness is formed by the fantastic discovery of learning that our task is not only of procreating but also transcending ourselves, under the right circumstances. This “treason”, which is vital for the continuity of the species, generates the concept of soul. According to Rabbi Bonder, the soul is the element of its own body, which is committed to alternatives outside this body. As the body forges morality to preserve itself through procreation, the soul devises transgressions. This soul which questions morality is at times immoral and is shown through countless transgressions in ancient texts and concepts. An invitation to get to know the deep connections between betrayer and betrayed, marginality and sanctity, body and soul.

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